Distance was founded to help our customers be more and go further, while supporting them in and out of the gym. We carefully craft both elegant and powerful clothing, designed and tailored for all.

At Distance it’s not just about the clothes and it never has been. We're trying to create a positive change through our brand, constantly improving our clothing, in both style and function, helping as many people around the planet as we can - whilst supporting the planet itself. We are always building innovative ways to improve our footprint and the environmental and ethical processes we use.

Whilst we strive to become as sustainable as possible, from our packaging to the charities we support; we want you to join us on our journey, one step, and order, at a time. As a small, humble UK business we always put the customer first - and we always will. It's important to put your money into a business you believe in, and into one which is doing their best to create a better world.

From the team here at Distance - Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support us.

Elliot - Founder
What is #BeMoreGoFurther? This year (2020) we decided to do something different. Through our social media we will be promoting healthy living like never before. As of the 1st of January we will be running digital content to help everyone who wants to get up and active, and those wanting to continue on their fitness journey.
Under the hashtag #BeMoreGoFurther, we will be sharing workout videos, running massive giveaways, keeping products extra affordable, and sharing the very best fitness guides... all to support YOU in the New Year.
Share a post or story using the hashtag #BeMoreGoFurther and tag us for a feature on our Instagram!