Distance was founded to help our customers be more and go further, while supporting them in and out of the gym. We carefully craft both elegant and powerful clothing, designed and tailored for all. At Distance it’s not just about the clothes and it never has been. We're trying to inflict a positive change through our brand, helping as many people around the planet as we can to feel their best when keeping active - all whilst supporting the planet itself. We are continually working on innovative ways to improve our footprint on the planet, simultaneously providing the best service we can. 

Now, every order you place, and we ship, is made carbon neutral, by offsetting our carbon emissions! This is inline with our company ethos and projections to become carbon neutral, committing to climate action today.

Transportation used when shipping orders expend fossil fuels, generating carbon emissions, which contributes to global climate change. 
We've partnered with Pachama, to determine our carbon footprint from shipping orders and to offset them through reforestation schemes in the 'lungs of the world', the Amazon rainforest.
With this exciting scheme, we can achieve carbon neutrality of our shipping emissions, and contribute to the overall protection of the Earth's forests - all through our certified partners and projects.
The projects we source are certified complying with the best in class protocols and standards.

Whilst we strive to become as supportive as possible, from partnering with these 'for purpose' companies, to the clothing we make; we want you to join us on our journey, one step, and order, at a time. As a small, humble UK business we always put the customer first - and we always will. It's important to put your money into a business you believe in, and into one which is doing their best to create a better world.

From the team here at Distance - Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support us.

Elliot - Founder