World Mental Health Day | With Caitlyn Nutt

For many of us, living a healthy and active lifestyle is incredibly important.
We eat right, we exercise, we love our bodies, but it's sometimes easy to forget something equally, if not more important... our mental health.

Your physical health means so much, but it is nothing without your mental health.

To talk through her amazing work for mental health, we chatted with our incredible athlete and Minds over Matter founder, Caitlyn Nutt. Read more about her work to support those in need and a little bit more about her story, below.


My name is Caitlyn, I’m 22 and I am the founder of Minds over Matter - a mental health organisation based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Minds over Matter (MoM) is a free service which provides guided support and access to alternative therapies for those suffering from or have been affected by mental health.

We have been open for a year and a half now and I started MoM due to my own mental health battle and lack of support / long waiting times with the NHS. I also lost one of my closest friends to suicide, which hit hard. It is now my goal and MoM’s purpose to save lives and change perspectives surrounding the negative stigma associated with mental health.

We regularly focus on tips to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and managing day to day lives living with a mental health illness. We can help with splitting things into manageable chunks, setting small micro goals and focusing on your strengths rather than any weaknesses. We are person centered and therefore allow the individual to tell us what they would like support with / to change / to focus on, rather than us telling them what to do.

We give a listening ear and non judgmental environment where like minded individuals don't feel so alone.

So on world mental health day and every other day, check on your friends and check on yourself. Be honest with how you feel and don't allow thoughts and feelings to consume you. If you don't feel like yourself, reach out, whether that is to a friend, family, stranger or support service. Don't feel alone. Be kind 💟

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