How to Stay Fit at University

Challenging yourself to stay fit can be hard at the best of times. Try to keep fit at Uni? This can be altogether more daunting. When you consider settling in somewhere new, the nights out and a change to your entire lifestyle… what is the best way to keep fit?

To help you avoid slipping on your progress, here are our top tips to keeping fit and even improving those gains or boosting fat loss.

Meal plan

We all know our bodies are made in the kitchen, so let’s not forget our meal prep. Planning meals for the week can be a great way to stay on top of what you’re eating and how much. If you have less time for the gym or cardio, keeping a great diet can still yield those noticeable results.

Shopping around for your best offers is key to getting the best price you can on a student budget, so planning is vital for meal prep success. Eating a healthy balanced diet can help make time and room for the occasional Uni takeaway and night out… there’s nothing wrong with that.

Join a University Sports Club

Uni sports clubs are a huge part of university culture and is not only a great way to stay active but is an amazing way to meet new people and friends. Training multiple times a week will really boost your aerobic and even anaerobic minutes and may even be different exercise than you’re used too – which is great for fat loss and fitness.

Lots of universities have societies not only for competitive sport but also casually. So, if you aren’t in it for the competitiveness, there’s still plenty of choice to get involved. Your university will have a club for every sport imaginable, but if they don’t – you can always start your own.

Join the gym

Make use of your student perks and discounts and get signed up to your campus gym… student life does have its benefits. Rolling out of bed with a gym at your doorstep isn’t half bad, meaning there’s no excuses for training.

If you don’t want to be lifting weights or using the machines around hordes of other students however, there are often plenty of small classes like yoga or circuits that may be perfect for you.

Making a Timetable

Again…planning. Timetables are a great way to structure your exercise for the week, making it easier to fit it in around your social life and studying. Pick a few days or certain times each week to dedicate to sport or the gym - This means you’re less likely to forget.

Remember, leaving a few days in between intense activity allows for muscle recovery.


Sleep is not the first thing you think of when you mention ‘Uni life’, but sleep is so important in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. 7 nights out in a row may sound fun, but in the long run your body may suffer for it… so listen to your body and make sure to get adequate rest.


Rest and recovery, well planned exercise and keeping your diet in check will get you pointed in the right direction when staying fit at uni. Remember, it’s all about balance; the balance between looking after yourself and going a little wild at times – both equally important for enjoying your uni experience.

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