How to Make Your Rest Days the Best Days

We all love training as much and as hard as we can, right? But we often forget maybe the most important day(s) of the week… our rest days.

Our muscles take time to repair, rebuild and grow. So, how do we make the most of our rest days and make them the best we can before the exercised fueled week ahead?

Get Enough Sleep

It’s not all about taking you body to the max day in, day out - You need to let yourself recover mentally as well as physically. Getting adequate sleep is vital for normal function, let alone for regular exercise… So how much sleep do we really need?

The average person needs between 7-9 hours per night, but some top athletes training intensely all week will need up to 10 hours a night. So, make time for your cosy bed and feel refreshed, sharp and stronger for when you workout next.

Listen to your Body

No one knows you as well as… well you. So, when your rest day comes around, take some time to adjust and listen to what your body is telling you. It could be more of certain foods, stretching or foam rolling, light exercise like walking or all of the above.

It’s key to do what’s right for you. Don’t be pressured into skipping your rest days or to indulge in a cheat day when it’s not needed. Make sure to listen to your own body, no one else’s, and do what’s right for you and your goals.


You guessed it… you need to drink water. This is your reminder. We all know hydration is so important when training, both before and after a workout, but these habits should not stop on your rest day.

To fully recover on your days off, water is definitely needed. Water is needed for transporting nutrients around your body, as well as helping keep you energised, helping your muscles recover and helping you avoid soreness and cramps.

Sufficient water is just as important as what you eat, keeping you healthy, refueled and ready for the week.


It’s not just sleep you need to worry about when letting your muscles recover, general relaxation also allows your body to recover and recuperate. What better way is there to relax than slipping into your cosiest loungewear sets, just like our COSY Collection.

You could even take this extra time to be productive, focusing on other jobs, tasks or goals. Instead of thinking about what to do with your rest days, you can think about what you could be doing with the spare time. You do you!


What will you be doing on your next rest day?

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