Freshers' Guide: 3 Essentials to Survive Your First Week at University

University for many is just around the corner. Whether it’s your first ever week at university, or your first week back, there’s lots to plan for. We have highlighted some ‘must not forgets’ for this year, so you can get back to it, stress free.

Your Look

When it comes to Uni, you’re on the move a lot… meaning your outfits need to be versatile, yet comfortable. A comfy cropped hoodie matched with your favourite soft leggings or joggers can do the job perfectly.

Whether you’re scrambling to lectures with a hangover, or just planning to hit the gym after some studying, this casual athleisurewear will do the trick – so make sure they’re on point.

Kitchen Essentials

One of the biggest learning curves for many… cooking for yourself day in, day out. You may be accustomed to cooking on the daily, but in any case, you need to get your kitchen game ready. Get your hands on some tupperware boxes, cutlery and pots and pans, as all will be needed at some point… especially for your meal prep.

Books and Stationary

You may be thinking, “ah, I’ll only need a pen…” but trust us when we say, they disappear as fast as your cutlery does. Stock up on paper pads and pens for the year when you can, as no one likes that one guy who borrows your pens again and again… and again. Don’t be that guy.


Are you ready? Let us know below if you have any other essentials we missed.

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