DistanceWear Virtual Freshers’ Event

Virtual Freshers?

Yes, virtual Freshers’ will be a thing this year… with club nights out the window, 2020 will see the emergence of the ‘new-model’ freshers’ week. Education systems are changing massively in response to COVID ’19, bringing many modules, socials and discounts online.

In light of everything that’s happened in 2020, we want to support all students, parents and family members who’ve endured, helped and been affected this year. So, let’s kick off this new academic year will a bang… or at least a discount.

What to expect

We wanted to bring something new, so we created something to get excited for… our Virtual Freshers Event!
For 1 week only, spanning from 14-21 September, every single item will be on sale, and up to 20% OFF!

Using our athlete codes, you can also grab even more discount on your favourite items.

Any New Products?

You all loved our Cosy collection so much; we’re bringing back more!! All sizes for both our Cosy Joggers and Cosy Cropped Jumper will be BACK IN STOCK, just in time for those long study days, school runs... and hungover lectures.

Is it students only?

Actually no. Usually freshers’ week is strictly for students, but we know this year – its definitely been a team effort. That’s why this sale will be open to everyone, student or not.


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