5 Ways to Make Your Fitness Wardrobe Sustainable

Sustainable fashion. It’s the ‘in’ phrase, but what is ethical and sustainable fashion, why is it important and what can we do about it?

Simply put, sustainable fashion (sometimes called ‘eco fashion’) is the movement towards a fashion system with ecological and social integrity. This addresses the whole cycle of fashion and all of the stakeholders; the manufacturers, companies selling the clothing and most importantly, the consumer.
In today’s world, where climate change dominates the headlines, sustainable fashion is seen as an ideal in which we can work towards...yet how can we achieve this?

We've outlined 5 small tips and tricks below, which can start up your journey to a more sustainable wardrobe!


This is a big one! It is important to look for fitness clothing which is going to last, so you can minimise your impact on the planet by buying less. In order to make sure you’re investing in a product which is good quality and is going to last, be sure to check out the companies Trustpilot page (https://uk.trustpilot.com) to see what other people have said out the quality of the clothing!


Now you’re only buying quality pieces of clothing made to last it is essential to make sure that these pieces of fitness clothing stay timeless. This means no Christmas themed leggings which can only be worn once a year! Instead, focus on neutral tones, such as grey and blue which can be worn for a variety of gym outfits. A bonus is buying fitness clothing so cute it can be worn everyday; such as our Infinity Pop Sleeve Crop Top, which looks amazing styled in every situation.


Did you know the average piece of clothing in the UK is only worn 7 times? Sustainable fashion is also about thinking about what happens to old gym and fitness clothing. A great way to get rid of clothing you no longer fit in (all those gym gains) is Depop, where you can even earn a few pennies as well! If the clothing is not in good enough condition to sell, look up if your local council is able to recycle clothing (https://www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling) or donate to a charity shop for textiles. That way your old clothing can be used again.


Another way to make your wardrobe sustainable is making your washing habitats more eco-friendly. Investing in an eco-ball can act as a sustainable alternative to your everyday washing powers and tablets, which contain harmful microplastics, known to be deadly to aquatic life. These balls are surprisingly durable and actually last 1000+ washes, saving you money. Just by washing your clothes at 10 degrees cooler could save you 57% electricity and will preserve the dye from running and your clothes shrinking, especially important for your favourite activewear.


Finally, in order to do your part in sustainable fashion, it is important to support local brands. Wherever you can avoid brands which have to shop internationally to reach you to save air miles. Look to reuse the packaging that you receive with your purchase too, advocate brands which limit plastic use and aim to reuse any plastic in the order at least once! Ways to reuse plastic bags include using them to put muddy trainers in or to transport your post-gym snack with you.

I hope you can use some of these tips to make your fitness and gym wear wardrobe more sustainable. Comment below any of these which you use.

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